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eKasi Rising 

eKasi Rising is a South African Artist Development Platform, where upcoming Artists learn to Adapt, Connect or Submit in music. A centre stage for Music, Design & Advertising. Brought to you by WiseCadence Production (www.wisecadenceproduction.com). Founder Sivuyile Wiseman Lehoko (a.k.a. WiseCadence) Artist, Musician and a proud supporter of upcoming artists eMzansi. Our prices are build base on the artist's background. Meaning that we do render services for free when we see that the artist fit for no budget.


Development Service: 

Event Management • Audio Mastering • Artist Bio • Artist Promo • Website • Label Design • Merchandise • Album Cover • CD's (industry) • Posters • Digital • Print • Music Distribution • Music Publishing • PhotoShoot • Music PR • Music Video • DJ Equipment • Advertising • DTP (Desktop Publisher)


Our Mission

It's to uplift upcoming Local Artists from the Townships (Ghetto, eKasi). Artists who would like to see the light in the Music Industry & keep on pushing beyond instrumental measures.



Our Vision it's to take upcoming Local Artists to the next level. Whereby they will have a clear vision to which next step to take in their music Career. 



Our aim is to develop, motivation & educate upcoming Local Artist in the Music Industry Business. We only work with those who are willing to sell their Souls in the name of music.



Our Goal is to make upcoming Local Artists shine worldwide. When is all said and done, we embrace the fact that Cape Town will be the future City of Music & Artists rising from the Townships (Ghetto, eKasi), they are the ones who will change this world.



Our Strategy is simple! We work out the best & affordable budget for any upcoming Local Artist's Project. We then develop a high quality service as like any other Artist budget. Quality is what matters most to our services render, to make sure your image not only inspire you & me but the world as a whole.


Our process it's simple! 50% must be paid upfront before we start to work on any project or idea drafting. There after we carry out the project to its highest standards, and make your heart sing. Then we proceed to send you a low quality for approvals. When you are happy, we then send you a high quality Project after the remaining 50% is fully paid to our Business Account.

Why choose our service?

We have a bond that's rare to find in the Music industry of today in South Africa, which is humanity, respect & hope. A heigh end product is our butter & we stand for quality after all. We always put you forward & follow up on your emails, social messages, SMS etc. We carry along our integrity in everything we do to make you shine eMzansi!


What is our free offering to you?

- Networking with other artists 

- Easy Song Writing Skills 

- Music Industry Advice  

- Self Promo & Marketing skills 

- Perform & DJ at our Events

- Guide to Bio & Press Release

- Latest Music Industry News 

- Preparing Music for Mastering 

- How to Release music on your own

- How to submit for Radio & TV 

- Why work for yourself or for a Label

- South African Music Registration process guide 

- How does music deals & music publishing work

- And More…

Social Networking

visit our page at fb.me/artistdevelopmentplatform and send your Page messages at m.me/artistdevelopmentplatform.


Copywriter: Ekasi Rising

Musician: WiseCadence "Sivuyile Lehoko"

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