WiseCadence Production is an independent South African record label based in South Africa. Developing upcoming artists and artists who want to take their Careers to the next level. We produce quality music, Design and master our own material.

We create music in the form of song writing. From there, we give those eager lyrics life, by phrasing and arranging the amazing melody that translates into music in your ears. We, however, go that extra mile, taking it directly to the rhythmic level that will find you on the move, on the dancefloors or in the bar, where you find comfort, are able to de-stress or where you meet some new people and friends. We take with us and embrace those confident artists, who are willing to sell their souls for the love of music

Ekasi Rising (Artists Development Platform) Website Now Launching 30th April 2017

We provide internal extra flare with visual communication design, and we also offer design services such as: + Designing Artist Labels/Branding + Packaging Design, Promotional Elements and Music Mastering etc. Visit Ekasi Rising Website for more info, Launching 1st April 2017

WiseCadence Production is where music and design have found a place to call home. Sivuyile Wiseman Lehoko (a.k.a WiseCadence: Artist/Musician), founder of WiseCadence Production, is a proud supporter of Cape Town artists’ originality. In 2015, he launched a new clothing brand called 'HumbleHuman', the original - not a copy, supporting artists and musicians’ originality in the Mother City

Why choose our service?
We will provide you with what is very rare to find: humanity, respect and value. We will always stay loyal to your requirements and projects, and we are one of the best independent record label and design agencies in South Africa.

What is our service offering?
We don’t charge you for travelling to meetings, and we strive for clarity during phone calls so we get straight to the point on your briefings, and don’t waste any time. We also provide a free service for branding, to help you come up with names and slogans. You don’t even have to worry about the costs of coffee or tea at our meetings, we will gladly pay for this any time.


Copywriter: Meegan Faddell

Musician: WiseCadence "Sivuyile Lehoko"

Designer: Sivuyile Lehoko Copyright©2017 WiseCadence Production All rights Reserved.